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Maca roja

Raw material Red Maca Information:

  • Name of Product: Organic gelatinized Red Maca Powder
  • Scientific name: Lepidium Meyenii, Walp.
  • Part used: Roots of sun-dried red Maca. Source: Junín
  • Shelf life: 24 months in original packaging


– Disinfection of Red Maca hypocotyls,

– Cut of Red Maca, being passed through a Chipping machine

– Drying is necessary to lower the moisture level in the product to arrive at a percentage according to the proces

– Extrusion is then carried by another machine – called EXTRUDER – this team works under high pressure which produces a temperature that allows the starch granules of Maca to be cooked.  When at a safe temperature, the Maca becomes a kind of paste.  This process is called GELATINIZATION.

– Grinders proceeds to grind, in order to make instant gelatinized Red Maca.

– Sieving

Careful handling of the production parameters (pressure and temperature) results in a product of high quality with a stable and complete amino acid profile, high solubility (approx. 96%) also ensures that this process is safe.

Logistic information:

  • conditioning: 5kg bags.
  • Box: 20 kg (4 bags)
  • Pallet: Europallet 640kg ( 32 boxes: 8 x 4 levels)

Sales conditions
From Spain: Exworks prices without transport or DDP (positions in target store). We serve from 20kg minimum orders throughout Europe.
From Peru: Lima FOB or CIF prices in air and sea shipments worldwide. Minimum Order 200kg.


Lima Chamber of Commerce: Certificate of Origin.

Organic European Certification




BIO and Conventional products:

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  • We provide ourselves directly from Andean and Amazonian native communities.
  • Legal assistance in food supplements & cosmetics.
  • Purchase our raw materials or in bulk(wholesales) for importers, laboratories and distributors.
  • Maximum quality in the manufacturing and supply of raw materials, Inkanat is one of the largest exporters of organic products from Peru.
  • We can send from our warehouse in Europe (Spain) or from Peru.
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Private Label

We also offer the possibility to pack or manufacture our raw materials into final product with customers:

  • Small batches: from 100 uni.
  • Powders, capsules and others
  • Ecological or conventional.
  • Sent from Europe or Peru
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Payment methods

  • You can pay on Euros or Dollars
  • FOB, CIF, DAP or other Incoterm price.

Contact us

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