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Chia (Salvia Hispania) seed is very small, rich in mucilage, starch and oil; It is about 2 mm long and 1 mm wide, and is oval and lustrous. It is native to mountainous areas of Mexico, but given the climatic characteristics aecuadas is a new crop in Peru. What it is known already 3,500 years ago B.C. It was known as an important food and medicine.

Our chia is sown in Cusco in November with the seasonal rains, in May´s harvest.

Process and presentations:
White chia seeds,
Chia seed black
Chia oil

Available in bulk and final product in organic and conventional

Trade data:
Presentation: bags of 25 and 50 kg
Conditions of Sale
From Spain: Exworks prices without transport or DDP (positions in target store). We serve from 20kg minimum orders throughout Europe.
From Peru: Lima FOB or CIF prices in air and sea shipments worldwide. Minimum Order 200kg.


BIO and Conventional products:


  • We provide ourselves directly from Andean and Amazonian native communities.
  • Legal assistance in food supplements & cosmetics.
  • Purchase our raw materials or in bulk(wholesales) for importers, laboratories and distributors.
  • Maximum quality in the manufacturing and supply of raw materials, Inkanat is one of the largest exporters of organic products from Peru.
  • We can send from our warehouse in Europe (Spain) or from Peru.

Private Label

We also offer the possibility to pack or manufacture our raw materials into final product with customers:

  • Small batches: from 100 uni.
  • Powders, capsules and others
  • Ecological or conventional.
  • Sent from Europe or Peru
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Development projects

Payment methods

  • You can pay on Euros or Dollars
  • FOB, CIF, DAP or other Incoterm price.

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