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grano quinoa

Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd), has been used since ancient times, particularly in regions dominated by the Incas for different meals because they considered the food of the gods. protein quinoa is rich in histidine and lysine, limiting amino acids in grains such as cereals and approaches the pattern given by FAO to the nutritional requirements of humans; which gives a high nutritional value, something that is currently appealing to the national and international markets.

Our extruded powder quinoa comes from the high Andes of Pasco and Puno – Peru, grown at over 2500 meters on plots of organic crops

Processes and presentations:
Descarificada and selected grain quinoa
Quinoa powder

White Quinoa (INIA Salsedo, Locrahuanca or plateau)
Black Quinoa (intercourse)
Red quinoa (pasancalla)

Available in bulk and final product in organic and conventional
Trade data:
Presentation: bags of 25 or 50 kg.