concha de nacar

concha de nacar


Mother of Pearl Cream

The use of mother of pearl shell through history
Benefits of pearl shell


Thanks to the proven properties of Nacre to regenerate damaged parts of the seashells we decided to study them in a more scientific way, so miraculous is this product, and showed that the dust shell has beneficial properties for skin care. That knowledge, however, something was already known at the time of the Incas, who mixed the pearl powder with lemon juice for a paste that is then used on the skin to treat scars, blemishes or other imperfections.

The wisdom of the ancient inhabitants of South America has been taken to laboratories beauty of our days in search of a cream that will help us smoother looking skin and healthy, free from any kind of imperfection.


The shell is composed of hexagonal platelets of aragonite (calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystallized), 10-20 μm in width and 0.5 ìm thick, continuous structured parallel plates.

These stratifications of nacre are separated and compacted sections of an organic matrix composed of elastic biopolymers Conchiolin (as are the proteins from chitin, luster or silk). All this forms the gill refraction of light, gives the iridescent effect of the Pearl, so prized in the cosmetics industry.

This product contains: cetoesterilico alcohol, petrolatum, propylene glycol, silicone oil, pearl shell, preservatives, perfumes and deionized water.


The pearl cream contains substances involved in the regeneration and stimulation of the skin, therefore not only removes the stains on the skin effectively, but also poseepropiedades exfoliating and nourishing.

Cream pearl shell helps treat scars from cuts, burns, acne and pimples Concha Pearl Cream penetrates deep into the layers of the skin by acting on the bacteria and the fat deposits thereby avoiding the accumulation of these, which can lead to infections such as acne. It is very effective also in removing the stains that come during pregnancy due to hormonal imbalances and to reduce the stains that appear on the skin over time and the harmful effect of sun exposure. On the other hand, it is ideal to keep skin hydrated without leaving it greasy.


Clean the area of skin where you applied the cream, washing with soap. Dry skin, apply the cream to the affected area, giving a little massage gently until absorbed repeated three times a day. You may want to increase the number of times, for its wide tolerance product may be used by any person of a different age or sex.

We have developed a cream that is gaining more and more support for the good results in the skin. Currently we are exporting to several countries where we are having very good results. Our cream is marketed under the brand Amazonas, ensuring the best cream pearl shell market.


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