Estres Ansiedad y Maca Vitae

What is Stress and how does it affect defenses
Stress is known to have a negative effect on libido, frigidity, fertility, immune function, and mental clarity, among others.

Psychoneuroimmunology examines the relationship between stress states and the immune system, which is in charge of defending us against disease and dysfunction of any type of imbalance. In turn, the immune system works closely with the endocrine system.

During stressful situations, energy is deployed in the body to attend to the focus of stress and this deployment is a limiting factor in development and resistance to disease: the immune system is affected and the body is more vulnerable to dysfunction.

Human beings, unlike animals, have the ability to anticipate events and the fact of thinking in advance about what is going to happen can be adaptively a necessary defense or, on the contrary, it can generate an increase in anxiety and stress (for example when negative and worrying thoughts do not conform to reality).

Stress, whether physical or mental, affects the hypothalamus causing an increase in the production of the stress hormone (cortisol).

While it is true that a cortisol level is necessary for adaptive survival, high levels of this hormone have numerous negative effects on digestion, glucose and fat metabolism, obesity and overweight, insomnia, memory problems, reduced fertility, lack of concentration, fatigue, sexual dysfunction and many more.

Maca, as an adaptogenic plant and with an effect on the endocrine system, can help balance, strengthen and support any area of ​​the body under stress due to stress: maca promotes the internal biochemical balance of the body.


Raises resistance to dysfunction
Normalizes the functions of the body
It is healthy for digestion for long periods of time
Prevents and protects
It has a high nutritional capacity.

The positive effects of maca on the body are due to the support it offers to the adrenal glands, causing a balance in the endocrine system and consequently overcoming the negative effects of stress.


The hormonal balance and the immune system are closely linked, for this reason, maca often notably improves the body’s defenses, bringing it to a state of general well-being.

What is maca and how does it compensate for the effects of stress?

Maca is an Andean tuber with a high protein content. It grows in the Andes mountain range, more than 3000 meters high, having the ability to grow in that hostile zone for vegetation, with little oxygen and extreme temperatures.

Andean maca is an excellent food consumed by the Incas, which did not reach us until a few years ago.

It is an incomparable source of energy, minerals and vitamins, highly superior to most of the vegetables known to man. Numerous studies have been carried out and continue to be carried out with maca both in Peru and in Europe; due to the great interest that this Andean tuber arouses in science.

The benefits of maca against stress:

As a nutrient and energizer and its great potential as a food.
To improve physical and intellectual performance.
To balance the body quickly in situations of stress, anxiety or in case of increased physical and intellectual performance.

STUDIES: Direct effects of maca on stress

Different scientific studies have confirmed that maca reduces states of anxiety, depression and stress: at the Cayetano Heredia University an investigation carried out in mice treated with this plant showed a greater resistance of these to developing stress and when it was presented it was mild and disappeared quickly.

At the end of the 90s, studies were carried out to evaluate its antioxidant effect and it was found that maca eliminates free radicals and protects cells against oxidative stress. In addition to acting positively in situations of stress and anxiety, maca promotes cell regeneration.

Endurance and energy capacities have also been measured. The results show that the increase in endurance and the decrease in muscle fatigue correlate with the intake of maca.

Why buy Maca Vitae and not other brands?

Maca vitae is a registered trademark, owned by INKANAT, which guarantees the quality and purity of authentic Peruvian maca (Lepidium meyenii) in different presentations. The origin of Maca Vitae is directly the Andean area of ​​Junin (4500 m). The INKANAT team regularly visits plantations in the Peruvian Andes to monitor the crops.