White tea (Pai Mu Tan tea) 100g – PROMO


White tea (Pai Mu Tan tea) 100g - PROMO


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Because of its high content in antioxidants, White tea is one of the most popular teas in the world. The tea leaves are large and voluminous. The infusion is amber colored, with a soft flavor and a slightly spicy finishing.

For centuries, the consumption of white tea was restricted to the emperor and his entourage, since it was believed to contain the secret to eternal life. Only the best and young shoots of spring were selected, hand cut and handled with white gloves and golden scissors, in order not to desecrate their sacred power. For just 250 g of white tea, one needs to collect more than 90,000 shoots. That is why the consumption of this precious tea by common people was punished by death.

White tea contains more antioxidants than Green tea because it contains four times more polyphenols and catechins (powerful antioxidants) that help increase our body’s defenses and to neutralize the activity of free radicals that cause cellular oxidation and ageing.

According to traditional belief, white tea protects the heart, and regulates blood pressure. White tea speeds up metabolism, and helps to reduce body fat and colesterol. The tea helps to stimulate digestive secretions, aids digestion (of greasy food) and has a purifying, detoxicating effect.

How to use:
Add 1 large teaspoon to boiling or very hot water, let rest for 6 minutes

Bag with 100g tea.

This tea is very voluminous, we therefore recommend to store it in a box that holds 250g or more

Weight 105 g