White sage smudge stick


The white sage smudge is a natural herbal incense used in aromatherapy and energy rituals. Length: from 10 to 12cm


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White Sage (salvia apiana) smudge stick approximately 10 to 12 cm long. Sacred herb of the indigenous peoples of North America. Herbal incense, coming directly from the plant, is used to burn and eliminate negative energies. It helps to purify the environment, attracting positive energies, while giving a pleasant and intense aroma.

The white sage smudge is presented in a stick of approximately 3cm in diameter. In the same way as in ancient times, it comes in a dry form so that it can be smoked. The fragrance that its smoke gives off is commonly used in aromatherapy due to its smell and its ability to increase the amount of oxygen the brain receives.

To be able to perform the ritual at home, you have to light the smudge of white sage at one end, until you see a flame, then blow it so that the herbs burn better and keep the ember. It is at this time when the smoke is released, which must be spread throughout all the rooms of the house to clean the environment in all areas. After burning the White Sage in the rooms, it is usually left on a sea shell or a fireproof plate until it finishes burning.

American Indians liked to put the four elements together for their cleansing rituals: water, wind, earth, and fire. A shell represents the element of water, sage herbs the earth, combustion fire and smoke the wind.

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