Wakame seaweed BIO (Undaria pinnatifida) 100gr


Wakame seaweed BIO (Undaria pinnatifida) 100gr


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The wakame kelp has nutritional qualities that are very valuable for our current lifestyle. It remineralizes our body, due to its high content of easily absorbed calcium. Rich in vitamin B and C, to strengthen our resistance to stress and exhaustion.

Because of its delicate flavor, it has been eaten since ancient times, especially in Japan. Among its many qualities, this kelp helps to eliminate harmful toxins and excessive liquids, which make it an excellent detoxifier.Wakame is therefore often used in slimming diets, and for hypotensic persons.

Thanks to its detoxing qualities, the wakame kelp is an excellent aid to stimulate the secretion of the liver and the kidneys, purifying and fortifying these organs. It also stimulates the secretion of hormones to increase the performance of our organism. Perfect for anyone who needs to keep their liquid levels in balance.

It grows on the Galician coasts, as a giant oak tree that can grow up to 1,5 m. Rich in calcium, iodine, proteins and fibers, it is one of the best seaweeds to eat raw in salads. Also excellent for anyone who wants to add kelp to their diet, due to its large versatility: in soups, rice, with other vegetables, in the oven, simply cooked, to stuff empanadas, etc.

– Raw: add to salads (cut in strips and soak for 15 minutes )
– Cooked: Cook for 20 minutes with soup, vegetables, potatoes, rice, oats, mijo, polenta, semolina, etc. Sauté with onions in pasta, empanadas, pizzas, quiches, etc
– Steamed: delicious with vegetables.
Wild deep sea kelp from the Atlantic. Rich in easily absorbed proteins, mineral salts (especially rich in calcium), magnesium, phosphor, iodine and fibers.

100 g = side-dish per 10 portions

Average composition per 100%

Proteins: 22,7%, Fat: 1,5%, Carbohydrates: 46,8%, Fibers: 35,3%, Potassium: 6810 mg, Calcium: 1380 mg, Magnesium: 680 mg, Phosphor: 235 mg, Iron: 20 mg, Iodine: 22,6 mg, Vitamin A: 0,04 mg, Vit B 12: 0,36 mg, Vit C: 5,29 mg

Weight 110 g