Tulsi Mala


Tulsi Mala is a mala made from tulsi wood, used in devotional and spiritual practice in Hinduism to recite mantras and strengthen spiritual connection.

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Tulsi Mala is like a Buddhist rosary made of 108 tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) wood beads, also known as holy basil. This plant is considered sacred in Hindu tradition and is considered a symbol of devotion towards Lord Vishnu and the various incarnations of him such as Rama and Krishna.

It is used in devotional and spiritual practice in Hinduism to recite mantras, strengthen spiritual connection, receive blessings and protection, and as part of religious offerings and rituals.

The Tulsi Mala is mainly used in devotional and spiritual practice in Hinduism. Some of its uses and meanings are:

Mantra Recitation: Like the Japa Mala, the Tulsi Mala is used to recite mantras, especially those related to Vishnu, Rama or Krishna. Repetition of these mantras is done while passing each mala bead between the fingers, which helps maintain concentration and devotion.
Strengthening Spiritual Connection: Wearing the Tulsi Mala is considered a devotional practice that strengthens the practitioner’s spiritual connection with the divine. Contact with tulsi beads during mantra recitation is believed to help purify the mind and soul.
Blessings and Protection: The Tulsi Mala is believed to be imbued with the purifying and protective qualities of the tulsi plant. It is said that wearing the mala can grant blessings and spiritual protection.
Offerings and Rituals: The Tulsi Mala is also used in various religious offerings and rituals in Hinduism. It is considered a sacred item that can be offered to the gods during worship.

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