Sweet almond oil, 5 LITRES


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Pure Sweet almond oil in a big quantity (5 litres – 1.14gal) at the best price on the market. This big quantity product is ideal for therapist, masseurs and for big users. Sweet almond oil is an excellent emollient that soothes and softens the skin. This oil contains high levels of unsaturated triglycerides that moisturize. It absorbs easily without greasy after-feel.

Sweet almond oil is an excellent oil for treating dry, dehydrated skins; it can be applied after the shower and mixed with rosehip oil for improving its effect.

Lightly massage Sweet Almond Oil into skin after cleaning. Almond oil can also be used in a base for premium massage oils or aromatherapy products… read morea about 
sweet almond oil.

Weight 4760 g