Sulphur soap, 100 g


Sulphur soap, 100 g


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Sulphur soap fights acne and greasy skins’ flaws. Enjoy the great purifying qualities of sulphur without its typical aroma: our soap is enriched with essential rosemary oil, known for its delicate fragrance and stimulating, revitalizing qualities.

Sulphur regulates our sebaceous glands and normalizes the functions of the skin, due to its astringent qualities that fight sebum.

All sulphur-derived products are great scrubs. Nevertheless, the fact remains sulpur has many benefits for our health in general, particularly for the skin.That’s why it’s only natural that it is used to prepare many cosmetics for skin care:-Calms skin allergies.

It cannot be denied that sulphur has always been associated with unpleasant situations and that sulphuric acid has a corrosive effect.

-It encourages the synthesis of collagen and queratin, fundamental elements for the growth of hair, nails and skin, particularly to keep skin firm.

-It has antibacterial and fungicid qualities:sulphur acts as a potent disinfectant due to its facility to neutralize and eliminate toxic substances; which makes it an excellent product to use to fight acné and psoriasis.

In order to maintain all natural qualities intact, our cold pressed soap is hand cut. Size of bars may vary: +/-10g.

INCI: olea europea oil, cocos nucífera oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis, sulfur, bentonite, rosmarinus oficinalis esential oil.

Weight 100 g