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St. John Wort (Hypericum) Oil (100ml)


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St.John’s Wort (hypericum) oil is known for disinfecting, soothing and healing burns and bruises. It is also an excellent astringent. St.John’s Wort reduces excessive oil and helps healing acne marks, while shielding acne from infection. It is therefore an important ingredient in anti-acne masks.
The oil is made by macerating the plant leaves in oil. Hypericin derives from the Latin “Hipericum perforatum”, and the Greek hiper (above) and eikon (image). Even in ancient times, the plant was believed to have properties ‘above the imaginable’.
It’s high content in tannins makes it an excellent healing product for cuts, skin injuries, burns, snakebites, or wounds. It is considered to be the antibiotic of the Middle Ages, since it was used for wound healing during wars. In the XVI century it was known as ‘the wound root’ or ‘military root’. St John’s wort is also very useful in curing herpes.
Excellent remedy for body aches such as rheumatism, gout, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, etc
PRECAUTIONS:  When exposed to sunlight, hypericin can cause photoallergy. It is therefore not advised to expose skin treated with the oil to sunlight. We recommend to shield the bottle from sunlight.
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