Shungite pyramid


Shungite pyramid is appreciated for its energetic properties and capabilities whether to protect against electromagnetic radiation or improve general well-being.

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Shungite pyramid (5x5cm matte). Shungite is a carbon mineral found in Russia. Shungite is known for its unique properties and has been used for its purported abilities to purify water, protect against electromagnetic radiation, and improve overall health. The shungite pyramid combines these properties with the shape of a pyramid, which is believed to have specific energetic effects.

Properties and Uses of the Shungite Pyramid

Electromagnetic Protection: Shungite is known for its ability to absorb and neutralize electromagnetic radiation emitted by electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and televisions. Placing a shungite pyramid near these devices can help reduce exposure to these radiations.
Health Benefits: Some believe that shungite helps relieve stress, improve energy and balance overall well-being. The shungite pyramid is used in meditation practices and alternative therapies to promote health and energy balance.
Harmonization of Spaces: The pyramidal shape is associated with the channeling and focusing of energies. Placing a shungite pyramid in a room can help harmonize the environment, promoting an atmosphere of calm and well-being.
Energy Protection: In the esoteric realm, it is believed that shungite pyramids can act as energy protectors, blocking negative energies and creating a protective field around them.


  • Material: Shungite polished stone (matte)
  • Size: base: 5 x 5 cm / Height: 4 cm approx.
  • Weight: 90g
  • Shungite stone could stain
Weight 90 g