Selenite Lamp 20cm



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The clear and relaxing light of the lamps of selenite refers in his own name to the sheen of the moon, since Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon.

The selenite has his origin in the sedimentary rocks that originate after the evaporation of lakes and interior seas. The crystals that are formed are very fluted and elongated.

On turning on the bulb in the interior these crystals generate negative ions that are very useful to balance the electromagnetic fields generated by electrical devices.

On the system of the feng shui it is in use for balancing environments, specially where concentration is needed or for the development of ideas. It is common to install it in zones where there is a great quantity of electronic devices as offices and studies.

Its clear light helps in environments of study and of easing. It favors the regulation of the state of mind being a light that helps to the positivism

Recommended as indirect lighting for the hours before the sleep to favor the rest.

The size of our selenite lamp is of 20cm of height aproximately.

Weight 2000 g