Sea Spaghetti BIO 100gr


Sea Spaghetti BIO 100gr


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Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) is a flavorful cooking option that provides a great quantity of iron, calcium and iodine. An excellent food for slimming diets because it contains a large quantity of dietary fiber, potassium which favors the elimination of liquids, and iodine that activates metabolism.

It is an alga with a firm consistency and meaty texture, its fine and elongated forms, whose flavor is similar to cuttlefish or squid, give this algae its name. This alga is highly valued in Europe due to its nutritional richness and smooth palate.  Its elongated and slim form gives this exuberant brown-green alga its name, very flavorful and common in deep coastlines and rough waters.  As much raw as cooked, for its texture and flavor, it´s an alga which has the most personality and success among the Atlantic varieties.

Among the nutritional properties of sea spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) it is worth mentioning its high iron, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium content, much higher than in other foods. Its iron content is almost ten times higher than that of vegetables and converting sea spaghetti into an excellent antianemic, also contributing important vitamins from the B group. Phosphorus, indispensable for nerve cells, is present in this algae, combined with the right amount of calcium to provide for the necessities of the organism.

Due to its contribution in natural calcium, it prevents osteoporosis and, therefore, is a useful food for people who are not able to consume lactose.  Potassium helps eliminate liquids and fight hypertension, being an indispensable electrolyte, along with sodium, for athletes. The ratio of sodium and potassium present in sea spaghetti is also highly recommended.

The contribution of iodine explains one of the medicinal properties of sea spaghetti: the prevention of hypothyroidism. Likewise, by stimulating metabolism in general with iodine, the consumption of the alga is stated, for the obese and overweight, as coadjuvant of an adequate diet and as a source of vitamins and minerals capable of alleviating a possible lack in nutrition.

PREPARATION – Raw: cut, let soak for 30 min and add to salad.
– Cooked: Boil or steam with other vegetables 2-30 min. Or good with rice, stews, sautéed, as filling for pies and pizzas.
– Fried: As calamari (battered squid). First scald, coat, fry, and garnish with lime. 100 g = an accompaniment for 10 portions.

Average composition Protein: 8.4% Fat: 1.1%, Carbohydrates: 44.1%, Fiber: 32.7%, Potassium: 8250 mg, Calcium 720 mg, Magnesium: 435 mg, Phosphorus: 240 mg, Iron: 59 mg, Iodine: 14.7 mg, Vitamin A: 0,.07 mg, Vit C: 28.5 mg

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