Rose Water 200ml (of Damascus)


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Damascus Rose Water, 200ml bottle. Damascus Rose Water is a soothing moisturizer for all skin types. It provides deep hydration without fat. Because of its concentration of Vitamins E and B these products is helps to thoroughly cleans the skin, achieving greater softness and resistance against the action of atmospheric agents. This is a product that protects the skin against free radicals because they are high in vitamins,  thereforemaking it an excellent tonic to fight cellular aging.

Rose water is the aromatic derivative obtained from the distillation of Damascusrose petals. This is to say that it is extracted from the still after distillation, hencethe  finalproduct is water that has passed through the rose petals by heat and has been applied and mixed with essential oil of Damascus roses. It is very effective as a facial cleanser/tonic.

Usage rose water

Apply a small amount of rose water in the face or body in the morning / evening using a cotton swab and rubbing the skin gently with circular motions repeatedly.

It can be used after removing make up, both for combination skin and for dry and sensitive skin. Being a slightastringentit helps combination skin regainall its splendor. The tightening effect of rose floral water  it is a key element in combatting aging and sagging of the face.

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