Red Pu Erh Tea, 100 g


Red Pu Erh Tea, 100 g


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In China, red teas are traditionally served to enhance the metabolism of the liver. As part of a healthy diet, it helps to lower cholesterol levels. According to traditional Chinese medicine, red tea protects against infections and has bacteriostatic effects. It aids digestion, especially greasy food and stimulates the secretion of the digestive glands.

The origin of Red tea- Pu Erh is “the land of the eternal spring”, Yunnan, near Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Here, the soft climate is especially suited for the cultivation of tea, especially in the mountains, where the rain falls almost methodically and it never freezes so Red tea trees-Qingmao- grow lusciously.

Red tea- Pu Erh is actually a Green tea that obtains its specific characteristics after a process of maturation. The large tea leaves are compressed and stored for years in very specific conditions.

When served, Red tea – Pu Erh has a bright red color; it can be lighter or darker red depending on how long the tea leaves have steeped. Its earthy flavor is incomparable. This mild tea is easily assimilated. When you prepare a strong brew, its taste will remind you a little of coffee.

Add 1 large teaspoon to boiling or very hot water, let steep for a short or longer while, depending on how intense you want the tea to be. 2 to 5 minutes should be enough.

If the tea tastes a little “strong” or bitter, it is better not to sweeten with white sugar while it is rich in sugar, which is a metabolized product that immediately converts into glycogen. Try a natural sweetener: honey, raw sugar, maple syrup or agave juice, which all complement Red tea- Pu Erh splendidly.

Presentation Bag with 250g tea.

Weight 255 g