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Maca roja en polvo


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Red maca, among other types of maca analyzed, has the biggest quantity of antioxidants. It has more carotene, niacin, C vitamin and Zinc. Red maca, similar to other maca colour varieties, has many benefits such as a high nutritional profile and protein content, bigger than other roots and tubers. Its calcium content is even higher than other plants.

The maca root can be of a variety of colours, such as red, purple, cream, yellow, or black, being the most common the yellow one. The interest of this maca colour type is because scientists have made specific researches where red maca performed better results. You can see some researches in this sites: , pubmed. We choose only the red colour maca roots for powdering to get this product.

The recommended intake is from 5 to 10 gr. (1 – 2 teaspoon) of red maca powder daily. You can mix it with your milk, juices or your daily drink.

Presentation: jar of 200gr (7.Oz). of red maca powder..

Weight 210 g