Red maca capsules, 100x500mg BIO


Maca roja en capsulas


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Red maca capsules make it easy to enjoy the antioxidant power of the maca root at any given moment. Red maca is also rich in zinc. As an extra bonus, red maca brings that little extra zest of life to your relationship: it helps to maintain both men and women’s reproductory organs.

Red maca has the biggest quantity of antioxidants of all analyzed varieties. It contains the highest amount of carotene, niacin, C vitamin and zinc. Red maca is health beneficial due to its a high nutritional profile and protein content, more so than any other root or tuber. It’s calcium content is even higher than other plants.

The maca root can be of a variety of colours (red, purple, cream, yellow, or black), but yellow is the most common one. However, many studies have shown that red maca is the most complete variety. You can see some researches in this sites: , pubmed. We choose only the red colour maca roots for powdering to get this product.

Intake advise:

Take 3 to 6 red maca capsules per day.

New jar:  100 capsules x 500mg of pure red maca inkanat.

Weight 75 g