Pyramid Salt Lamp



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Mystical, elegant lamp with Himalaya salt in the form of a pyramid, with a wooden base (approx.size: 20cm.). This pyramid salt lamp is an elegant way to brighten up a room with a touch of relaxation. Ideal for a meditation or relaxation room, or as a gift for that special someone.

Salt lamps shine a soft and relaxing light. The light interacts with the Himalayan salt crystal to provide a soft and relaxing light and provide a real sense of well-being. Our salt lamps are extracted directly from the Himalayas, where salt rocks have formed over more than 250 million years. These salt rocks can be used naturally or shaped into different forms, into different shapes of relaxing, decorative lamps.

Please note:

The nature of the salt is to absorb the humidity from the air, it could seem that the lamp is sweating. By lighting the lamp the effect of the heat on the lamp will erase this effect. We recommend taking the same precautions as for regular lamps. Clean with a dry cloth.

Weight 3000 g