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Psyllium en Polvo Bio 200g


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A good intestinal traffic is an insurance of health, already the constipation is the precursor one of many systemic diseases. Inside the healthy habits that we should have there is included the consumption of the soluble fibers. The Psyllium in an excellent source of soluble fiber that helps us to normalize the daily movement of our intestine.

The psyllium (Plantago ovata) is a plant proceeding from India. We use specialy the seeds of this plant for improving the intestinal traffic.

It has a high content in mucilages, a not digestible fiber that increases his volume with the water and favors the movements peristaltics of the intestine.

It is recommended in persons with habitual constipation, increasing simultaneously the daily ingestion of water to maximize the effect of the soluble fiber.

Also it is recommended in persons with painful depositions after rectal or anal surgery, anal fissures and haemorrhoids.

It can be used in diarrheas to regulate the excess of liquids in the intestine.

It generates a greater sense of satiety when increasing tour times his size, which helps in diets of slimming, specially in lower food fiber.

The rinds of psyllium are from certified ecological agriculture.

Presentation: Bag of 200g.

Mode of use: To take a spoonful of coffee a day, mixed with some liquid and abundant water.

Weight 215 g