Propolis Spray


Propolis Spray


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The spray helps to easily apply and maximize the benefits of Propolis to the mouth and throat. Furthermore, thanks to essential oils of sage and lemon, it helps to maintain a fresh breath. The Tea tree oil combined with Propolis help protect against external agents. Indicated for canker sores, sore throat, hoarseness, wound healing and orthodontics.

Propolis is a resinous substance that bees obtained from the buds of trees and some vegetables and is then finished processing the hive itself. Bees use it to coat the walls of the hive and keep it free of bacteria.

The use of Propolis with therapeutic purposes originated thousands of years ago. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians or Greeks were already aware of its antiseptic and healing properties. The oldest reference of Propolis dates back to ancient Egypt, where it was well known to the priests, who helped with medicine, chemistry and art of embalming the dead bodies, in this last discipline, Propolis was one of the substances most commonly used. Mummies have been preserved until today thanks to Propolis amongst other things. In the Ebers Papyrus (written about 1700 BC) he refers to wax and Propolis as medicines. Aristotle himself echoed the qualities mentioned as a “remedy for skin infections, sores and oozing.” It is known that the Incas made use of Propolis to fight fever.

Propolis is attributed to antibacterial, antiviral, immune stimulating, anti-inflammatory healing aid which is slightly analgesic.

Traditional uses
Throat and mouth in angina, pharyngitis, laryngitis, mouth sores and abscessed teeth gives very good results.

Airway: a cold front is very useful as an adjunct to other therapies.

Gynecology: candida, uterine wounds, vaginal inflammation and itching usually responds very well to washing in water diluted Propolis.

Skin: Propolis or Propolis is great in combating fungal infections or skin fungus.
The long-bound people in bed sores and can also benefit greatly.

Composition: water, Propolis tincture Propol-mel (20%), honey, essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary and sorbic acid (natural food preservative)

Presentation: 20ml spray liquid extract.
This presentation emphasizes the use of the throat and mouth.

It does not replace a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

It is not a drug, or substitute usual treatment.

Weight 62 g