Petitgrain Essential Oil (5ml.)



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Petitgrain Essential Oil (citrus aurantium), is a good relaxant. For anyone who is nervous, stressed or anxious, they can achieve a little relaxation with this oil. For cutaneous problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or even hair loss, this oil may be of use.

Is produced by distilling the leaves of the bitter orange. In contrast to citric essences, this oil is not photosynthesizing, thus there is no risk of skin spots with exposure to the sun.

It may be taken in case of cervical pain caused by stress. We can put several diluted drops in the painful area in an oil base like that of hypericum or arnica. If we use hipericum oil, we should avoid exposure to the sun after application.

It is pleasant to use this oil for bathing, to combat fatigue and to alleviate anxiety.

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