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Palo Santo wholesale in this big format. Box with 5 or 25kg of hand-cut sticks approx. 10cm long. of the best quality palo santo on the market.

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Big format of palo santo wholesale, imported directly from the communities of northern Peru under renewable cultivation. Ideal for the large consumer, artisans and shops or for use in bulk as raw material in the production of related products.

We wholesale palo santo in bulk in this big box with 5 or 25 kg of palo santo sticks, with the best prices on the market. Each stick is 10cm long and approximately 1.5cm on each side. The sticks are cut by hand so the measurements may vary.

Palo santo means “sacred wood” and comes from the Bursera graveolens tree from which the wood is extracted to make palo santo incense. This tree is currently protected by forest laws so that its exploitation is controlled.

Remarks We are importer and wholesaler of palo santo. If you have a retail business or are an artisan, you can purchase palo santo as a professional,  register to access a professional account.

Palo santo in big quantities: we wholesale palo santo to all Europe. To purchase in big quantities, contact us for prices and conditions. Possibility of manufacturing finished product with private label.
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