Palo Santo (holy stick)

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Palo Santo (100gr)
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Cleans the environment of your house or workplace. Harmonize the atmosphere and enjoy an agreeable and pleasurable aroma. Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is a tree originating in South America, commonly used in rituals and ceremonies of shamanic medicine. An excellent help for meditating and harmonizing emotions and energy.
Basically it is a natural incense. In contrast to traditional incense, which may be used just once, Palo Santo wood may be used many times (each stick may be lit more than 30 times).

Uses: Cleans the environment, favors relaxation, harmonizes energy, repels mosquitos.

Composition: Sticks cut from Palo Santo wood (the holy stick), cut by hand.  Dried naturally in a process which takes 4 years. 

Instructions: Light the stick until it catches fire, let it burn for several seconds, and then blow it out until it just smokes.  The aroma will fill the atmosphere. Try not to burn yourself when using.

products :

3uni: bag of 3 sticks
60g: bag of 60 grams of palo santo.
100g: bag of 100 grams of palo santo.

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