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The cones of palo santo or holy wood incense are a simple form to enjoy the properties of the exceptional wood of the holy stick (Bursera Gravelons). Easy to ignite and it is kept burning more than 10 minutes.

The wood of holy stick has been used traditionally to generate a relaxing, clean and purifying environment. Also it helps to support removed to the flying insects.

They are made by wood of holy virgin wood, which has not been used for extraction of essential oil.

Due to being a protected vegetable species, it is controlled the practices of compilation and forest treatment adapted for his conservation, regulated by the department of agriculture of Peru.

Bag with 10 cones of palo santo (holl wood – Bursera graveolens)

Mode of use:
To ignite the top of the cone of palo santo and to support the flame during 6 second. Once extinguished the flame place the cone on a plate of ceramics or metallically to avoid the accidental combustion.

To keep far from the children and of easily inflammable materials.

Weight 15 g