Natural Sea Sponge


Natural Sea Sponge


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Since antiquity, sponges from the Mediterranean have had many different uses. The superiority of natural sea sponge is incomparable.

Sea sponges are highly absorbent, create a rich lather, are softly textured and are suitable for the most sensitive skin. Natural sponges are more durable than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion.

Natural sea sponges actually have enzymes that inhibit the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. They are free of toxins and are hypoallergenic. They are excellent for bathing and cleaning because they absorb and retain more water without dripping.

Sea sponges clean themselves through their intricate system of canals, therefore are washed more quickly and easily and do not retain undesirable odours. They are softer, clean better and will not peel like synthetic sponges while being used.

Natural sea sponge protects the delicate skin of babies and is suitable for all ages.

Diameter of 6 to 10 cm.

Weight 25 g