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The moringa (Moringa oleífera) is one of the food of high nutritional value that they can help us to have a varied and balanced supply.

Original of India, the growing of this tree has spread all over the world due to his facility of adjustment to almost all kinds of area and climate, though it prefers the tropical climates.

The consumption of the moringa has spread, the motive is his high nutritional value both of his pods and of his fresh or dry leaves. The quantity of antirust that offers us in his consumptionv is prominent, specially the vitamin C and the vitamin A, besides these they have found more than 40 antirust substances that they protect our organism of the free radical ones.

The consumption of moringa also contribuyes with vitamins of the group B, and minerals as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and copper, also it contribuyes with the essential and not essential amino acids that are necessary for the maintenance of the corporal tissues.

Presentation: Bag of 150g

Ingredients: Moringa powder

Mode of use: To dust a spoonful with cereals, soups, broths or salads.

To preserve in a fresh and dry place in a lower temperature than 30 º, to protect it of the light.

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