Milled palo Santo, 50g


Milled Palo santo, obtained from the virgin palo santo tree. Ideal for mixing with other resins.

milled Palo Santo


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Milled Palo santo is obtained from the virgin palo santo tree, that is, the wood that has not been used for oil extraction. It is ideal for mixing with other resins.

The palo santo grows in dry forests throughout much of tropical America. They are trees that reach a size of 4 to 10 meters. This tree dies naturally and it is only after 3 or 4 years of having fallen that it manifests its properties.

The sacred Palo Santo tree offers us a wide variety of health benefits, such as healing and spiritual. It is a highly required natural remedy in different countries where lighting a piece of wood is a symbol of celebration of its sacred aroma.

Reception – Selection and Classification – Sun drying – Shredded wood (ground) – Packaging.

Amazon of Peru

Milled Palo Santo.

On a flat base (metallic or ceramic plate) light the milled palo santo with direct flame, while giving off its fragrance. You can also add the desired amount of milled palo santo on charcoal.

Weight 60 g