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MACAMIX is a delicious “prepared food ” based on maca and two super Andean cereals (quinoa and amaranth). Rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Now with more maca and enriched with millet, a multifaceted cereal.

Energy with low glycemic index.

The ingredients are certified from organic origin.

Gluten free.

Does your Breakfast feed you?

MACAMIX Chocolate is ideal for the breakfast of every day of the whole family. Natural companion of the milk (of cow, soybean or rice) that contributes with nutrients and an agreeable flavor.

For the vitamin quality of its ingredients, macamix is restorative and natural energetic, ideal for students, workers, sportsmen and in general for an important energy and vitamins input (consumed by climbers in the ascent to the Himalaya in June, 2006).

Mode of use:
To disolve 2 spoonfuls of macamix into the milk, water (warm or cold) and to sweeten to the taste. With your yoghurs, crepes and desserts.


Weight 600 g