Macadamia Oil, 100 ml



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Macadamia oil is an essential care product for beautiful skin. Macadamia-oil helps skin to regenerate and fights the appearance of wrinkels, mainly due to its many antioxidants, essential fatty acids and softening substances.

This oil is not only great for hydrating and softening, it also helps to treat scars. This is especially useful during pregnancy. The use of this oil helps to prevent striae and to enhance the appearance of already existing striae. It is also an excellent tonic for hair.

Macadamia-oil has a light yellow color and penetrates easily, leaving skin soft and lustrous. The oil is extracted from the nuts of the Macadamia tree (Macadamiaintegrifolia), which originated in Australia’s rainforests 5000 years ago. In 1881, the tree was first planted in Hawai, where it has become a beloved staple for skin and hair care. It is even known as the best kept secret of Hawaiian beauty.

Presentation: Bottle with 100ml. macadamia oil (Macadamia ternifolia seed oil.)

Use: Massage onto skin, do not ingest and avoid contact with the eyes.

Macadamia is the name of the tree, and the nuts that are used for oil and as a nutritious fruit. The Macadamia tree is very resistant to heat, but also adapts well to every sort of climate, which is why it can be found throughout the world. Macadamia nuts are round, slightly bigger tan hazelnuts, with a very hard shell, a creamy yet crunchy texture and a delicious and delicate flavor.

Weight 190 g