Maca powder BIO (bag of 5kg) – raw material


Maca en Polvo BIO (bolsa 5kg.) - materia prima


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Organic maca powder as raw material, in bags of 5kg (11 lbs). This is the maca powder that we use as raw material for our other organic maca powder products. We import this product directly from farmers in the highlands of Peru (Junin – Peru).

If you are a laboratory, big consumer or to use as an ingredient, this product will make you save money. We deliver this product to whole Europe and to other countries.

Premium powder is a powder extracted under a special process called gelatinization (special treatment for its best assimilation, concentrating all the active ingredients and improving its dissolution).
Maca, the Peruvian miracle, has been consumed since the Inca`s period. Maca powder is used for:

• Energy: maca is a natural source of energy. It increases vitality and gives extra energy. (useful for sport, workers and for treating fatigue).
• Nutrition: maca root has a high nutritional profile (natural source of vitamins, minerals, proteins).

Maca is a radish-like root that grows high in the mountains of Peru.

Weight 5000 g