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Lucuma is one of the most delicious ingredients to use in desserts and ice creams. Original lucuma powder (200g – 7oz) imported from the Peruvian highlands at the best price. Our lucuma powder is made from selected lucuma pulps, dehydrated and pulverized to keep all its characteristics and flavour of this exquisite fruit. It has a strong fragrance and a full-bodied maple like flavour with a firm and rich pumpkin-like pulp that is orange and yellow in colour.

Lucuma fruit is also a great source of carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals including high concentrations of beta-carotene, niacin and iron. Lucuma powder is an extremely versatile and tasty ingredient which blends well with ice creams, baby food, yogurts, pies, cakes, cookie fillings and desserts.

How to use lucuma powder:

Lucuma for ice cream: lucuma is a fruit used widely to make delicious ice creams. Just mix our lucuma powder with milk and sugar to get an excellent ice cream, better even than vanilla ice cream.

Desserts: lucuma is an excellent flavour (better than strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla) for the preparation of desserts: to make pies, cakes and pastries.

Drinks: Exotic and delicious complement for making milk-shakes, yoghurts. Lucuma powder is an excellent choice to surprise and delight your friends with its delicious and exotic flavour, you won`t be disappointed with this new ingredient.

Lucuma fruit or lucmo -Pouteria lucuma- is a fruit native to the Andean valleys of Peru, Ecuador and Chile. This fruit was used long before the Inca´s times (representations of the fruit have been found amongst ceramics and textiles un-buried from Pre- Incan tombs in Peru.). It can be found growing from sea level to 3000 metres above sea level.

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