Lotus seed mala


The lotus seed mala is a rosary made of 108 lotus seed beads. These seeds have spiritual importance to Hinduism and Buddhism.

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The lotus seed mala, also known as “Kamal Gatta Mala”, is a rosary made of 108 lotus seed beads (Nelumbo nucifera). These seeds are extracted from lotus flowers and have spiritual importance in several South Asian religious traditions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism.

The lotus seed mala is mainly used for spiritual and devotional purposes. Here are some uses and meanings:

Mantra Recitation: Like other malas, the lotus seed mala is used to recite mantras, prayers or divine names. Each mala bead is passed between the fingers while reciting the mantra, which helps maintain concentration and devotion during spiritual practice.
Connection to spiritual purity: In many traditions, the lotus is a symbol of spiritual purity and spiritual growth. It is believed that the use of the lotus seed mala can help the practitioner connect with these qualities and advance on their spiritual path.
Purification and protection: Lotus seeds are believed to have purifying and protective properties. Using the mala made from these seeds can help purify the mind and soul, as well as protect the practitioner from negative energies.
Blessings and Devotion: The lotus seed mala is also considered a sacred object that can bestow blessings and strengthen the practitioner’s devotion to the divine.


  • 108 lotus seed beads (Kamal gatta)
  • seed size: length: 1.5cm x width: 1cm
  • Necklace size: large necklace length approx. 80cm
Weight 120 g