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Exfoliating loofah glove, made of Amazonian loofah, designed for an easy and comfortable use. Use our loofah glove on your body to exfoliate the rough skin, while massaging and improving circulation.

Size: 21x16cm
Shape: glove
palm side loofah, plush on the back.
Have a day spa in your own home!. Ideal for massaging friends and for professional use.

The loofah or luffa is a climbing plant, original from Asia, that grows wild in the Amazonian jungle. Its fruits are cylindrical (like a marrow) and during ripening the interior is transformed into a dense network of fibres like a mesh. It is the only plant known that can be grown and used as a vegetable sponge. The natural fibres stimulate circulation and gently rub away dead skin.

* After use, rinse thoroughly and remove all soap and leave to dry naturally in a well ventilated place.

Weight 35 g