Kombu seaweed BIO (Laminaria) 100gr


Kombu seaweed BIO (Laminaria) 100gr


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Kombu is seaweed with a high content in iodine, potassium and calcium, especially iodine, a valuable element to keep the endocrine glands healthy. This kelp contains a high amount of minerals, amino acids and simple sugars, but mostly carbohydrates and more proteins than the ones we usually eat.

Kombu is in fact edible kelp, that originally grows in the seas of north east Asia and that has been eaten for over a 1000 years. It is eaten all over the world, but cultivated mostly in Japan.

This kelp contains few calories but many minerals, and iron, calcium and potassium, which all contribute to adequate bone and muscle growth and development. Kombu also oxygenates the tissues.

This low calorie food has many nutrients with a positive effect on the body. Due to its high amount of (vegetal) iron and proteins it can counteract certain lacks in the diet of strict vegetarians.

Kombu kelps are large, brown and live at approximately 12 m below the sea level. The kombu seaweed is especially rich in alginic acid, it has a fleshy structure, and is often eaten as a vegetable or flavoring because it has a delicate taste. It also contains glutaminic acid, which helps to soften vegetables. Kombu has a satiating effect and is rich in minerals, especially calcium en magnesium.

Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 200 ºC without soaking, or sauté them in a heated pan. This kelp is ideal for  Ideal for soups, vegetables, casseroles, onion omelets…

Or 20 minutes in the pressure cooker
Or 1 hour in a regular cooking pot, with vegetables (lentils, chickpeas, etc…)
Wild Atlantic kelp, from the deep seas. It can reach a size of 2 m. Kombu has a fleshy consistency, and contains many minerals, essential amino acids and fibers.

100 g = side dish for 10 portions

Composition per 100 g: 

Proteins: 29%, Fat: 0,3%, Carbohydrates: 43,1%, Fibers: 30%, Potassium: 2030 mg, Calcium: 330 mg, Magnesium: 370 mg, Phosphor: 165 mg, Iron: 23 mg, Iodine: 17,3 mg, Vitamin A: 3,6 mg, Vit B 12: 2,9 mg, Vit C: 4,2 mg

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