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Original kessa glove, traditionally used as body scrub to remove the skin’s dead cells in the Turkish bath (Hammam). Kessa glove is better used with Moroccan black soap or Aleppo soap.

Use of the kessa glove:
Apply black soap or Aleppo soap all over the body after a hot steam bath or shower, massaging. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and complete the exfoliating process by using a Kessa glove to scrub all over with back-and-forth movements to remove the softened dead skin cells. Rinse thoroughly again with warm water.

The Hammam is a Turkish bath, variant of a steam bath, sauna or Russian Bath, distinguished by a focus on water, as opposed to ambient steam.In Western Europe, the Turkish bath as a method of cleansing the body and relaxation was particularly popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices.

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