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Jojoba oil easily penetrates the scalp, loosening and dissolving the hardened accumulation of sebum. It penetrates the lipid layer, leaving a soft and dry sensation, slowing down the loss of moisture and improving its flexibility and elasticity.

Pure and coldpressed jojoba oil, obtained from the bean of the Jojoba plant, bottled in a dark blue container (100ml – 3.4oz). The best quality-price ratio on the market. This oil also:

It is an excellent cleaner of sticky byproducts of modern hair products.
Jojoba oil offers the hydration that the hair needs in order to facilitate combing, keeping it soft and shiny.
Jojoba oil prevents stretch marks thanks to the elastic effect it provides to the skin. Thanks to jojobas` curative properties it is appropriate for use after exposing the skin to the sun, reducing inflammation and preventing flaking.
Jojoba oil contains a 60% mixture of wax esters, including fatty acids and alcohols of chain lengths C20 to C26, nitrile glycosides. Native Americans have used jojoba for hundreds of years for treating their sores, cuts, bruises, and burns; as a skin conditioner, for soothing windburn and sunburn; as a cooking oil; as a hair or scalp treatment and hair restorative… read more about jojoba oil.

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