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From the Amazon there comes to us one of the most energetic fruits of the planet, the guaraná. A source of caffeine and enabling of the generation of adrenaline, which turns it into an excellent reducer of the weariness and depletion.

Beside reducing the sensation of fatigue the guaraná (Paullinia cupana) favors the arterial traffic, and is a protector of the blood glasses reducing the arteriosclerosis.

It increases the basal metabolic rate with what it is adapted for slimming diets. It possesses aphrodisiac properties for the reduction of the fatigue and his vascular effect.

It is a good non-conducting and febrifuge product, with what it relieves specially the fever in bout of flu.

Product certified from ecological agricultura.

Presentation: Bag of 100g

Mode for use: To take 1 or 2 spoonfuls of coffee per day before the breakfast and/or lunch. To mix with water, juice or another liquid.

Warning: To preserve in a fresh and dry place.

It is not recommended to consume in the previous time to going to bed for its content in caffeine.

Weight 115 g