Green Coffee Capsules 60x200mg


Cafe verde en cápsulas 60x200mg


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Obtaining a healthy weight is not just an aesthetic choice; it’s also the goal of those who desire good health. Green coffee is an ally for those who want to lose and control their weight.

Green coffee is a variety of unroasted coffee that promotes weight loss because it contains satiating fibre and has thermogenic properties.

Green coffee’s main substance in weight loss is chlorogenic acid, an element which increases lipolysis or processing fat in the body, therefore assists in the removal of fat from the body.

It also contains antioxidants that are essential in controlling free radicals thereby protecting cellular DNA from degenerative processes.

It helps in diets as it’s a satiate which reduces appetite and helps control portions when eating and the number of intakes.

It helps cellulite because it promotes the loss of intramuscular fat to generate energy.

Presentation: 60 green coffee capsules of 200mg each.

Directions: Take two capsules daily, one at breakfast and the other at lunch.

Precautions: Because of its caffeine content, it should not be used by people sensitive to it, nor by hypertensives or people with cardiac problems. Do not take in the evening as it may affect sleep.

Weight 60 g