Geranium essential oil (15ml.)



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Ideal for whoever wishes to relax their body and mind. It induces relaxation and reduces strain, able to be used in a diffuser or as a massage oil.  Very useful for infectious skin conditions caused by fungi, parasites, wounds and damage from blows.

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is grown in the Mediterranean Basin and has a scent similar to the rose, making it a useful substitute for the highly-priced rose oil. This plant is often used in perfumes due to its exquisite fragrance. Its floral essencesweet and fresh, is incomparable.

Essential Geranium Oil is obtained from vapor distillation of the entire plant. It has a pale green color. In cosmetics it is often used on account of its purifyingrefreshing and astringent qualities. It may be added to perfumes and soap, in addition to being used in baths and massages. It has a calming and healing effect on wounds and burns. Added to creams, it helps skin balance in cases of acne, dry or aging skin.
Properties and benefits:

  • Relaxant, anti-stress
  • Problems with skin infections due to fungi, parasites and bacteria.
  • Helps with healing and in the case of blows
  • Astringent properties (suitable for acne problems)
  • Insect repellent
  • Helps concentration
  • Gum problems and sores
  • Reduces breast engorgement
  • Depression

For External Use: Do not ingest. 

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