Dulse Bio kelp (Palmaria palmata),100 g


Alga Dulse (Palmaria palmata) BIO 100g


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Dulse kelp has traditionally been eaten in the Atlantic zone since ancient times. Of all the kelps, it is richest in iron, so it is especially useful in case of anemia. It is rich in magnesium, potassium, iodine and phosphor and low in sodium. Its high amounts of potassium and magnesium make it a powerful tool in the fight against stress, while its content in iodine treats and prevents thyroids.

This kelp was already used by the ancient Celts. It is extremely rich in vitamin C, which helps to prevent scurvy in seamen. Dulse is also rich in proteins and pro vitamin A. Its reddish color adds zest to small dishes and salads, even without soaking first. Thanks to its refined taste and flavor it is one of the best kelps to eat in soup, o raw.

In Ireland dulse is served as an appetizer with dark beer. The name dulse derives from the Gaelic “dils” (edible kelp).


Raw: in salads (cut and soak for 2 min)
Cooked: in soups and quick dishes, just broil or add to finish. Also with vegetables, oat soup, spaghetti, couscous, omelet, polenta, millet, quinoa.

Composition  per 100 grams

Proteins: 18%, Fat: 2%, Carbohydrates: 56%, Fibers: 2,5%, Potassium: 7310 mg, Calcium: 560 mg, Magnesium: 610 mg, Phosphor: 235 mg, Iron: 50 mg, Iodine: 55 mg, Vitamin A: 1,59 mg, Vit B 12: 0,9 mg, Vit C: 34,5 mg

Weight 110 g