Coconut oil capsules 500mg


Aceite de coco en capsulas


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Besides his excellent flavor the coconut provides to us oily acids of average chain that can be very useful to preserve a balanced weight and to help ourselves to losing corporal fat.
Along with a suitable and balanced diet the oil of coconut helps to the metabolism of the cholesterol and the corporal fat. The oil of coconut is not stored in the fabrics and favorise the formation of cetonic that generate a sensation of satiety.
Specially indicated for those persons who want to reduce the fat accumulated in the abdominal region. It helps the sportsmen due to it is a fat very easy to metabolizable to turn it into an ideal source of energy for the sport of resistance and aerobic.
It is an assistant for the normal functioning of the biliary bladder, overcoat in lazy bladders. It helps to regulate also the intestinal function because it favors the normal movement of the intestine.
Organic oil of coconut
100 capsules softgel of 500mg of refined organic oil of coconut
Instructions for use
It is recommended to take from 2 to 4 capsules of coconut per day accompanied of a small quantity of water, during some food.
To preserve in a fresh and dry place, to support out of the scope of the children. It substitutes neither a varied and balanced diet nor to a way of healthy life. Not to overcome the recommended dose
Weight 108 g