Chia Oil, 200ml


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The ideal way to enjoy the omegas in chia oil is by means of their oil. In the last few years chia seeds have become a regular component in our diet but many of their excellent qualities are in their composition that is rich in fatty acids and in the oil is where we find their greatest bioavailability.

The main virtue of this oil lies in its well-balanced composition of omegas as more than 60% of its composition is omega 3, which omegas help us in cognitive and cellular processes, and protect our cardiovascular system.

It also provides Omega 6, which being essential for the body we should include in smaller measure, and the chia oil provides us with between 15 and 25% of these fatty acids. In smaller measure it provides us over 8% of omega 9.

Our body uses fatty acids to reduce inflammatory processes that occur in the body, for which reason we need to provide it for the body in small doses on a regular basis.

Chia oil does not raise LDL cholesterol because it is a type of fat appropriate for consumption.

Omegas from an exclusively vegetable origin are suitable for vegans, since they are comparable to the proportion in krill or salmon but without their content of saturated fats.

200 ml Glass Bottle

Chia Oil

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