Cat´s Claw in capsules (extract) 60x300mg


Uña de gato en capsulas


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Cat´s claw is one of the greatest treasures found in the Amazon, easy to use thanks to being offered in capsules. Uncaria Tomentosa, or Cat´s Claw, has been traditionally used due to its ability to strengthen the immune system. And its capacity to reduce acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Traditionally this plant has been widely used, especially by the Ashaninca tribe in Peru for decoration and to treat joint pains produced by rheumatism, respiratory problems, and infectious degenerative illnesses.

Pure Cat´s Claw in spray-dried powder (powdered extract) without preservatives, flavor enhancers nor artificial colors.

Suggested use
In adults: consume 1 or 2 capsules daily, a half hour before meals. It is recommended to use it steadily for a minimum of 3 months, with periods of rest for 7 days before beginning to use it again. Protect from direct light.


Because it is difficult to establish the safety of this plant in certain circumstances, the consumption of cat´s claw should be avoided in small children, pregnant women and lactating women. 

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