Buriti Oil 30ml (aguaje)


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From the Amazon Rainforest comes buriti oil, (known in peru as Aguaje oil) so that we can take advantage of its excellent properties. It hydrates and restores the skin, giving it more flexibility and strength. With its great antioxidant properties, thanks to carotenoids and the pro-vitamin A, it nurtures our skin to keep in in good condition. 

Aguaje or Mauritia flexuosa is a high-quality oil from the Amazon Rainforest. Cultivated while respecting biodiversity and sustainability, the product has an added value since now it is promoted through direct commerce with diverse indigenous communities, helping their development.

It improves the health of the hair, hydrating and favoring the regeneration of damaged hair and split ends. It helps prevent damage to the hair from the sun.

It is an oil which is useful for burns since it helps in the regeneration of epithelial tissue and softens the skin.

Directions: It is advisable to apply it on wet skin after bathing. One may add several drops to shampoo or to one´s comb to apply it to the hair.

Packaging: 30ml cristal bottle – 100% pure buriti oil.

 You may watch the video about the process of INKANAT aguaje oil.

Weight 90 g