Black Maca powder BIO (Kg)


Maca Negra en polvo BIO,fco 1Kg


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Big presentation (1kg) of the most potent maca powder. One of the most valued varieties of Maca is undoubtedly the black one, largely for the numerous studies on fertility that they support his efficiency. The black maca favors the spermatogenesis and the mobility of the sperms.

This variety is scantier since in the crops it is not the most usual phenotype for what there is not in the habit of coming to 10 % of the annual production what grants a value even greater.

In addition it is a powerful energizer that helps us to support the weariness from the stress, specially mental. Very useful for students since it nourishes and increases the energy without generating edginess.

Our product comes from the manual selection of only the roots of black Maca colour to pulverize it and this way we obtain this product. Product with organic certification.

Instructions for use:
The ingestion recommended of black Maca powder is from 5 to 10 g (1 – 2 teaspoonful) every day. It is possible to mix with milk, juices or your daily drink.

Container of 1kg of organic black Maca powder.

Weight 1025 g