Black Copal resin 50gr. (incense)



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The resin of the copal tree has an important use in the native communities of the Amazon. It is used in ritual, therapeutic and medicinal acts. The traditional way of using it is through aromatic smoke where the resin is burned and the smoke is received in order to cleanse oneself, feel better and at the same time feel protected and blessed.

The traditional uses that natives gave to this sacred resin are maintained at present time, in addition to its use as a protector, harmonizer and in aromatherapy treatments or as natural incense. This properties act on the limbic system, that is, on our emotions.

Copal resin comes from the Amazon. Copal is named after the aromatic resin from the copal tree (Bursera family of Burseraceae). This tree is currently protected by the Peruvian government, therefore its use is limited to manage a sustainable use.

Pure black copal resin from the Peruvian Amazon, container of 50gr (the pieces of natural resin can be of different sizes).

Instructions for use 
Light the stone on one side and leave the flame for 6 seconds, then put it out and place the stone on a ceramic / metal plate to receive the smoke of the resin.

Keep the container closed. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid its use in flammable places.

Weight 55 g