Black Aleppo soap 280g


Black Aleppo soap 280g


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Black soap is also known as “beldi” soap, is mostly used in Africa, especially in Morocco.The soap is a mild natural scrub that removes impurities from the skin, removes toxins and purifies the skin surface. The soap has a calming and soothing effect. It helps to shed skin cells. After use, your skin will be silky soft.

Benefits of black soap:

1. Helps acne scars fade
2. Soothes skin irritations
3. Fit for all skin types.
4. Ideal to cure skin diseases
5.Removes make-up.
6. Stops ageing
7. Aids greasy skin.
8. Ideal for hair care

Use of black soap in the shower:

– Before use, skin always has to be hot. Shower with (very) hot water before applying.
– Take a ball of about 3cm in the palm of your hand (about 20-30g per application), and massage onto skin for 5-10 minutes. Avoid the eye area.
– Clear with water, to remove soap residues.
– Wet a kessa scrub, and scrub skin on entire skin softly.
– Apply body oil or -butter(argan oil, or scented karitebutter for ex.) to nourish skin.

In spa’s /beauty salons:

– Wet client’s body with a glove, or ask client to take a hot shower.

– Massage soap onto skin (5-10 minutes)

– Cover with blanket for about 20 minutes

– Remove blanket, and massage body, insisting on parts where most care is needed.

– Clear soap with water, and scrub dead skin cells with a kessa scrub.

Afterwards, massage a hydrating balm on skin.

280g pure black soap with olive oil.
Store in a cool and dry place.

Weight 275 g