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A combination of 3 great energetics to cope with the accelerated pace of life that we have imposed. Maca, adaptogen par excellence, cocoa, invigorating and remineralizing, and Guarana, a spark of energy to stimulate us.

Its synergistic effect helps us recover energy and keep us active from morning to night.

An ideal food for those who exercise, both strength training and endurance, as it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals given to us by maca, cocoa and Guarana. The contribution of Guarana gives us fast and explosive energy, whilst maca and cocoa keep us active and nourished.

These foods are considered aphrodisiacs due to their composition of zinc, the mineral of the hormonal system, iron and group B vitamins. Maca is a libido enhancer, whilst cocoa and Guarana favour vascularity, reduce fatigue and improves mood.

Helps cope with everyday stress, especially in people who wake up tired or need a push to carry out their day-to-day labor.

All the ingredients are certified as organic.

Ingredients: Organic powdered maca, organic powdered cocoa, organic powdered Guarana.

How to use: Take a spoonful mixed with a liquid at breakfast or before exercise.

Warnings: Do not consume in the hours preceding bedtime due to its caffeine content.
Store in a cool, dry place.

Weight 165 g